The 2013 Rum Howler Awards – The Year in Rum

Since my wife and I are really busy getting things ready for our new baby (4 weeks away!). I thought that since this is the season for some great rum gift and rum drinking, here is an amazing post from Chip aka The Rum Howler. It is his 2013 Rum Howler Awards. Many of these great rums are available in Canada and especially in Victoria, BC.


Cheers to everybody to this holiday season, have a great safe holiday and as much as rum is a great spirit, please don’t drink and drive. Remember, next year there will be more great rums to try and you want to be around to sip and share them.


Just a quick update

Hello everybody,


I know I haven’t been posting anything in a while. My wife and I have been quite busy. We went on our honeymoon back in April and took a great caribbean cruise. I drank plenty of rum punches on our cruise which were all amazing. Plus every island that we stopped on, I had to get a bottle of local rum! 

After our cruise, we went to the Rum Renaissance in Miami, and it was a great fun experience that I would recommend to everybody! I met many of the great rum lovers out there, including Francisco “Don Pancho” Fernandez! It was great to meet him and to thank him for the amazing rum’s he makes. As well as Ian Burrell, he was a fun rum guy that we sat in a rum seminar with. Drinking even more rare rums! 





So the final part to this story, is I am not going to be able to post as much as possible because my wife and I are expecting our first child. We are extremely happy and excited. So I thank everybody for checking out my website. Have fun drinking and trying new rums. 




New rare rums purchased


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My lovely wife and I went to Montana for xmas. Of course while being down there, it’s my time to find some new rare rums, that I can’t get here in Canada (or BC at least).

After a few stops and taking some notes on which rums I have found, I did some research online to confirm my future purchases. So here are the five rums that I got from Montana.

1. One Barrel rum – Belize

2. Old Mill Gold rum – Oregon

3. Oronoco rum – Brazil

4. Ron Miel – Canary Islands

5. Don Q Gold rum – Puerto Rico

I have sipped most of them, and by far the favorite is the Ron Miel honey rum. The Don Q, was not a sipper, but will be great with summer cocktails. One barrel was quite sweet and decent. Old mill Gold rum was quite complex and I could compair with with a scotch. I haven’t had the Oronoco rum yet.

Here is a photo of the new rare rums.

New Rare Rums


Delicious Holiday Egg Nogs


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Here are some of my favorite Rum Eggnog recipes that I have had from around the net and local bars.

Howling Highlight via Rum Howler

3 eggs at room temperature, (yolk and whites, separated)
3/8 cup sugar (for the yolks)
3 tablespoons sugar (for the whites)
1/4 teaspoon vanilla
a touch fresh ground cloves (About 1/16 of a teaspoon)
a pinch of fresh grated nutmeg (About 1/8 of a teaspoon)
a dash of fresh ground cinnamon (About 3 /16 of a teaspoon)
1 1/2 cups whipping cream, chilled
1 cup whole milk
1/2 cup dark rum (Mount Gay Gold Eclipse)
2/3 cup Canadian Whiskey (Potters Special Old)

First the yolks

Separate your egg yolks and your egg whites in two bowls. Whisk the first amount of sugar and the vanilla into the egg yolks. A a touch of ground cloves, a pinch of nutmeg and a dash of cinnamon into the yolk bowl. Add the cream, the milk and the rum and whiskey (for adult consumption only). Make sure everything is mixed thoroughly.

Now the whites

This is where a baker’s touch is necessary.
Beat the egg whites until they form soft peaks (3-4 minutes). Add the second amount of sugar slowly during this beating process.

Now we combine

Gently and with large circular motions blend the egg white mixture into the yolk mixture, trying to keep things as ‘poofy’ as possible.

Sprinkle a little left over spice on the top of each glass, and enjoy with your favorite chocolates!

Krak Nog via Clive’s Classic Lounge

1.5 oz Kraken Spiced Rum
1 oz half & half
pinch of cinnamon
1 tsp of cane sugar
few drops of vanilla extract
1 whole fresh egg
pinch of nutmeg

Shake hard in a cocktail shaker without ice. Strain into a glass with a little ice.
Krak Nog









Ruby Prichard’s Ol’ Fashion Eggnog via Prichard’s Distillery

12 fresh large eggs
1-1/2 cups sugar
1 bottle of Prichard’s Fine Rum
2 quarts of whole milk
1/2 pint of whipping cream
1/2 gallon vanilla ice cream

Beat eggs in a large mixing bowl until they are light. Blend in 1 ½ cups of sugar. While beating, add one half of the rum a little at a time, then cover and place in the refrigerator for 12 to 24 hours. A few hours before serving, add the 2 quarts of milk and the remainder of the rum alternately, a little at a time. Whip the ½ pint of whipping cream and fold it into the eggnog and ladle in the softened ice cream. When serving, sprinkle a little nutmeg on top and perhaps a little whipped cream.
Mom always said, “Even people who are not fond of eggnog will love this recipe.”

I hope everybody has some great holiday’s. Enjoy your family and friends, plus some Rum EggNog.

We will see everybody next year!



Top ten rums under $50 for the holidays (or anytime)


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Since the holidays are here, I thought I would write something about what I think my top ten rums would be. So I hope this helps you out getting some new rum for someone for the holidays, or for yourself.

These rums are in no real order, just all good rums!

#1  Bacardi 8 year

This is a hidden gem among the rum world, it has a name that most people recognize with “cheap, bad tasting rum”. But this is a delicious sipping rum, highly recommended.

Bacardi 8 Year









#2 Cruzan Single Barrel

A lovely sipping rum from Cruzan. Single Barrel means that they empty a cask of rum into bottles and there is no blending of different casks. There is a barrel number and a bottle number on each bottle. So you know this is unique.

Cruzan Single Barrel









#3 Diplomatico Reserva

Diplomatico rums are from Venezuela. They have a rich history in rum making and sipping this one proves them right.

Diplomatico Reserva









#4 Panama Red 

Panama Red is a newer overproof rum in the market. It might be hard to get, but as an overproof rum, it is an amazing, delicious rum. Don’t be scared away from this great sipping overproof rum.

Panama Red









#5 Ron Abuelo 12 year

Ron Abuelo is another one from Panama. This rum has great complexity to it. Always an experience when sipping it.

Ron Abuelo 12 Year








#6 Ron Matusalem Clasico

An authentic rum from Cuba with an interesting history. Grab a bottle, pour a glass and read up on this great rum.

Ron Matusalem Clasico









#7 Appleton Estates 12 Year

A classic rum from Jamaica, another complex rum always worth sipping with friends.

Appleton Estates 12 Year









#8 Mount Gay XO

From the oldest rum distillery in the world, comes a great semi-complex rum. It deserves your favorite glass and a comfy chair.

Mount Gay XO









#9 Diplomatico Hacienda Saruro

Another rum from Diplomatico, but now a savoury spiced rum. If you like Drambuie, then you love this one.

Diplomatico Hacienda Saruro








#10 The Lash

Not your average spiced rum. This is a connoisseurs spiced rum. Don’t bring this rum down with cola, it just needs your favorite rum glass.

The Lash









That is my holiday list of great rums. I hope you enjoy this and this helps you out.

Happy Holidays from

Rum Victoria

Spicing your own rum


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Hello, I am back from a busy summer and just as busy fall. It’s been a while since I have written anything so here I am on my day off doing just that.

Quite a while ago I came across a website (no longer running) that talked about spiced rums. Now I am sure we all love some great spiced rums and there are quite a few new ones that are coming on the market every other month it seems. But what this website did talk about was not just store bought spiced rums, but about spicing your own rum at home.

I read the article many times and on my way home from work that day I bought the ingredients and started spicing my own rum.  This is what you need to do to get started at spicing your own rum.

  • A bottle of cheaper priced “Aged” rum. I used Appleton Estates Special Rum
  • Whole Vanilla Bean – You can use pure Vanilla Extract, but do not use the imitation stuff. The whole bean is the best and you should be able to find it at better grocery stores or health food stores.
  • Whole Cinnamon – Cinnamon is a strong spice and it can easily dominate over the other spices, so use it smartly.
  • Whole Clove – Cloves will spice a rum up quickly so you only need one clove.
  • Star Anise – Star Anise will give a black liquorice flavour to your rum.
  • Nutmeg and Mace – Nutmeg is the signature spice of Grenada, it will put some character into your rum. Mace is a interesting flavour that I really like, but a little goes a long way.
  • Allspice – Allspice adds a great flavour to the rum
  • Peppercorn – you know what pepper tasted like, this will add a spicy heat to the rum. Be careful of how much you add and for how long. This should be added at the end.


Recipe for spicing your own rum:

Start with you Aged rum, pour out about 4 ounces into a smaller bottle or flask. You will use this for quality control. The best way to do this is to add one ingredient in at a time and then remove it once you are happy with what it’s done. For example, place in the vanilla bean into the rum, shake it up for a minute and let it sit for a day. The next day, have a sip of the rum, if you like what the vanilla bean has done, then you can remove it. Or leave it in for a few more days until you are happy with the flavour. Then add the next ingredient and do the same until you are finished with your own spiced rum.

Or, I started out that way, but I got impatient so I added everything over a two day period. Everyday I would shake up the contents and then have a small sip to see the progress. I would also have a sip of the 4 ounces of quality control rum to compair the flavour difference. After about 2 weeks, it got really spicy and I went to the next step. It can take 2-3 weeks to steep and infuse the rum with the spices you added. Be careful to not overdo the cinnamon.

Once you are happy with what you have spiced, you can leave the spices in and it will get more flavourful at the end or you can remove all the spices. What I did, is that I took some cheesecloth and layered it a few time then put it in a funnel. I did have a second bottle that I was going to put my new rum. But you can strain in into a big bowl as well.

Pour the rum into the cheesecloth and let it fully strain. You can do this a few times depending on the sediment in your rum. Rinse out the bottle of sediment, then you can pour your new spiced rum back into the bottle.

I did find that over a few months that my spiced rum “settled” down quite a bit. At first I wasn’t too happy with my rum, because it was very spicy and really intense. But it smoothed a lot over a few months, and I had my home spiced rum at one of my rum tasting events.


I hope you have fun trying this, once you have finished your rum, you will have more experience in this. Then you can tweak your next spiced rum to something else that you are looking for.

Here is the before and after photo of my own spiced rum.


Two more tasty cocktails


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Just a tasty supper. Left, Killer Hurricane Cocktail. Center, Homemade smoked hamburger. Right, Sugar-free raspberry Mojito.


Here are the ingredients for the drinks.

Killer Hurricane
1 oz RedRum
1 oz Spiced rum (I used George Street Spiced Rum)
4 oz Pineapple juice
0.5 oz fresh lime juice
0.5 oz Grenadine

Mix everything with ice in a shaker, shake, then pour in your favorite summer cocktail glass with some ice, and garnish with some orange!

Sugar-free raspberry Mojito
1 oz Havana Club white rum
12-15 mint leaves
juice from a whole lime (save the lime)
2 packets of Spenda or SugarTwin
5-7 raspberries
Club soda

Get a tall glass and put in all ingredients including the squeezed limes except club soda. Muddle vigorisly (if you don’t have a muddler you can use a wooden spoon). Once that is done, add ice cubes and top with club soda. Stir it up and enjoy.