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Since the holidays are here, I thought I would write something about what I think my top ten rums would be. So I hope this helps you out getting some new rum for someone for the holidays, or for yourself.

These rums are in no real order, just all good rums!

#1  Bacardi 8 year

This is a hidden gem among the rum world, it has a name that most people recognize with “cheap, bad tasting rum”. But this is a delicious sipping rum, highly recommended.

Bacardi 8 Year









#2 Cruzan Single Barrel

A lovely sipping rum from Cruzan. Single Barrel means that they empty a cask of rum into bottles and there is no blending of different casks. There is a barrel number and a bottle number on each bottle. So you know this is unique.

Cruzan Single Barrel









#3 Diplomatico Reserva

Diplomatico rums are from Venezuela. They have a rich history in rum making and sipping this one proves them right.

Diplomatico Reserva









#4 Panama Red 

Panama Red is a newer overproof rum in the market. It might be hard to get, but as an overproof rum, it is an amazing, delicious rum. Don’t be scared away from this great sipping overproof rum.

Panama Red









#5 Ron Abuelo 12 year

Ron Abuelo is another one from Panama. This rum has great complexity to it. Always an experience when sipping it.

Ron Abuelo 12 Year








#6 Ron Matusalem Clasico

An authentic rum from Cuba with an interesting history. Grab a bottle, pour a glass and read up on this great rum.

Ron Matusalem Clasico









#7 Appleton Estates 12 Year

A classic rum from Jamaica, another complex rum always worth sipping with friends.

Appleton Estates 12 Year









#8 Mount Gay XO

From the oldest rum distillery in the world, comes a great semi-complex rum. It deserves your favorite glass and a comfy chair.

Mount Gay XO









#9 Diplomatico Hacienda Saruro

Another rum from Diplomatico, but now a savoury spiced rum. If you like Drambuie, then you love this one.

Diplomatico Hacienda Saruro








#10 The Lash

Not your average spiced rum. This is a connoisseurs spiced rum. Don’t bring this rum down with cola, it just needs your favorite rum glass.

The Lash









That is my holiday list of great rums. I hope you enjoy this and this helps you out.

Happy Holidays from

Rum Victoria