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My lovely wife and I went to Montana for xmas. Of course while being down there, it’s my time to find some new rare rums, that I can’t get here in Canada (or BC at least).

After a few stops and taking some notes on which rums I have found, I did some research online to confirm my future purchases. So here are the five rums that I got from Montana.

1. One Barrel rum – Belize

2. Old Mill Gold rum – Oregon

3. Oronoco rum – Brazil

4. Ron Miel – Canary Islands

5. Don Q Gold rum – Puerto Rico

I have sipped most of them, and by far the favorite is the Ron Miel honey rum. The Don Q, was not a sipper, but will be great with summer cocktails. One barrel was quite sweet and decent. Old mill Gold rum was quite complex and I could compair with with a scotch. I haven’t had the Oronoco rum yet.

Here is a photo of the new rare rums.

New Rare Rums