Hello everybody,


I know I haven’t been posting anything in a while. My wife and I have been quite busy. We went on our honeymoon back in April and took a great caribbean cruise. I drank plenty of rum punches on our cruise which were all amazing. Plus every island that we stopped on, I had to get a bottle of local rum! 

After our cruise, we went to the Rum Renaissance in Miami, and it was a great fun experience that I would recommend to everybody! I met many of the great rum lovers out there, including Francisco “Don Pancho” Fernandez! It was great to meet him and to thank him for the amazing rum’s he makes. As well as Ian Burrell, he was a fun rum guy that we sat in a rum seminar with. Drinking even more rare rums! 





So the final part to this story, is I am not going to be able to post as much as possible because my wife and I are expecting our first child. We are extremely happy and excited. So I thank everybody for checking out my website. Have fun drinking and trying new rums.